Top 5 Ways to Get Over Your Plateau and Start Gaining

number-1-whiteboard-dry-erase-memo-board_8292930 Plan a Recovery week:

Hitting a plateau means you have stopped progressing. The reason why is most people associate muscle growth with working out, if you believe this you are wrong. Your body does not produce new muscle while you are working out. It’s actually the exact opposite. It catabolises muscle tissue (breaks down muscle), when you rest and re-fuel properly, your body will build new tissue in its place. Your body needs sufficient rest time between workouts so that your muscles have a chance at fully repairing. Every 4-6 weeks plan a recovery week where your body does not workout at all. Not even cardio. The recovery week is to completely rest and recover, giving your body sufficient time to repair itself.

0344534_lExcuse the trainer:

If you’re new at bodybuilding, great job for starting a fantastic, healthy route to a better body! Having a trainer to help in the beginning is great, but you need to let go of your trainer as soon as you feel like you’re not making the gains you know you should. Think of a trainer like you would when first learning how to ride a bike. The training wheels help you get your balance and build your confidence. Once you’ve mastered riding a bike the training wheels must come off, right? You can’t grow if you’re constantly held back!

printable-number-3-outlineBuild an effective program:

There’s nothing worse than watching someone else make the gains that you’re supposed to be making. Perhaps the reason is the program just isn’t for you. This is where you need to determine what works for you and you only. Develop a program built just for your body. This requires that you understand your limitations each step of the way. For your program to be effective it needs to take into consideration what you’re capable of today, and where you plan to be in 6 months or a year from now. The next step is planning how to get there. Push yourself to get better each step of the way, but don’t overdo it. This is where too many bodybuilders stop progressing. It’s because the goal is too hard to reach. Only make goals you can reasonably achieve. That’s when you have the best success.

libCycle your routine:

This is common in bodybuilding and its purpose is to keep things fresh and to mix it up a little, so to speak. Always do a routine to gain muscle, but use a different approach every time. Going from one routine to another prevents boredom and getting stuck on that dreaded plateau. Remember to keep challenging yourself to get stronger without doing the same routine day after day. Design a routine to do once a month, and then go back to your original routine. You’ve gained strength and haven’t plateaued which is absolutely fine. As you develop different routines over a year or so, you’ll have several to choose from that are designed to increase strength and you won’t get stuck! Start appreciating the concept of change.

printable-number-5-outlineAlways use proper form

It probably goes without saying, but always be sure to use proper form in all your workouts. Good form forces your body to grow because you’re focusing on the correct muscles. For example, if you’re benching, lower the bar to your chest and lift from there, instead of starting with your arms extended. This will maximize your efforts on other muscles such as your chest, biceps, triceps and back all in one motion using proper form.

Anytime you can develop an effective set of routines that concentrate on building muscle, you can mix them up to keep boredom and monotony from setting in. Helps keep every routine fun and interesting, making all your efforts work the best for you.

Get back in there and start gaining!

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