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  • The Axle Deadlift – You Have Been Doing it Wrong

    Axle deadlift is one of the most popular form of lower back exercise. It is known to generate a lot of strength and stability in the lower back in a short period of time. Most athletes and amateurs have been using the axle deadlift to develop the required lower body strength. Because it helps to attempt more complex […]

  • Abs Require No Secrets, Only knowledge!

    Quite commonly, many people who are trying to achieve six-pack abs become frustrated. One of the many reasons for this is because of not knowing which exercises actually work. Getting flat abs requires some knowledge about what exercise works for you. The good news is that there are a wide variety of abdominal workouts that can […]

  • Spinach and Cottage Cheese Salad

    The delicious, highly nutritious spinach and cottage cheese salad. This salad is so easy to make and so delicious that anyone would add this recipe to their day to day basis. Here are the ingredients: 3 handfuls of fresh baby spinach 3 strawberries (cut into circles) 2 tbsp. chopped grapes 1 tbsp. pumpkin seed 2 […]

  • Leverage High Row – How It’s Done

    The Leverage High row remains as one of the most popular and effective exercise to increase your upper back strength while maintaining your overall health index. Although Leverage High Row requires the appropriate equipment but the exercise itself is fairly easy to perform.   Focus- Strength in Upper back region and lats Mechanics – Compound […]

  • Best Fitness Tips of 2016

    Quite commonly, people continue to set future dates to begin their fitness regime for their first time. Here are a few fitness tips to get you started today! If you are thinking about improving your fitness, whether because you want to improve your self-confidence or you are unhappy with what you see when you look […]

  • Fitness and Nutrition Work Together

    When it comes to reaching optimal levels of fitness, not only is important to exercise regularly, but it is also important to consume the right foods. If we don’t consume the right foods, or not enough of them, our body won’t be getting the proper nutrition that it needs for muscle repair; this, in turn, […]