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  • Baked Salmon With Warm Sweet Potato Salad

    Salmon is the main go-to protein for bodybuilders, next to chicken breast of course. This recipe has always been a freefitness favourite. It is easy to prepare and jam packed with nutrition and deliciousness.   Ingredients: (3 SERVINGS) 450 g salmon. (3#pieces of 150 g salmon) 2 medium size sweet potatoes (Chopped into cubes) 2 tbsp. Dried […]

  • The Barbell Full Squat – A How To

        The barbell full squat and barbell squat in general is considered the king of all exercises. Performing the squat requires mental concentration and complete coordination. Primarily the barbell full squat works on the quads, employing the hamstrings and Gastrocnemius as dynamic stabilizers. Here is how it is done properly. Procedures: Position the bar […]

  • Top 5 Ways to Get Over Your Plateau and Start Gaining

     Plan a Recovery week: Hitting a plateau means you have stopped progressing. The reason why is most people associate muscle growth with working out, if you believe this you are wrong. Your body does not produce new muscle while you are working out. It’s actually the exact opposite. It catabolises muscle tissue (breaks down muscle), when […]

  • Refreshing Vegetable Sandwich

    There are times when we just want to prepare a fresh sandwich without any proteins. Meat or chicken can get boring, so try this refreshing vegetable sandwich and see what fresh ingredients can offer interns of flavour and nutrition. Ingredients: Tomato – sliced Radish – sliced Onion- ring Mixed Iceberg Boiled eggs – sliced Baby […]

  • EZ Bar Preacher Curl – How it’s Done

    The Preacher Curl takes you back to the old-school days of biceps workout. The Preacher curl is so effective that the position of the  curl ensures that the biceps does all the work without any assistance. It helps increase definition, mass, strength and power of the biceps and here is how to perform this exercise Focus: […]

  • Oven Roasted Lemon-Pepper Savory Whole Chicken With Vegetables

    The chicken is one of the most favoured proteins in the world. A lot of people have their own recipes and even ways of preparing the chicken. Here is our favourite recipe that can be prepared by almost anyone. Follow the recipe bellow and impress your friends and family. Ingredients: (4-6 SERVINGS) 1 whole chicken […]