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  • Close-Grip EZ Bar Curl – A How to

    Close-grip EZ bar curl is perfect when it comes to developing arm strength and size. The primary muscles involved in this exercise are the biceps brachia and the brachialis. The secondary muscle is the forearm. Stabilizers during this exercise include wrist flexors, finger flexors and the front deltoids. Focus: Developing biceps strength and mass Equipment: […]

  • Confused About Your Diet? 4 Tips To Get You On The Right Track

    Diet is a term that is commonly used, especially in the last decade. The role that your diet plays in your level of health is insurmountable. It directly effects the health of the body because it is the only dependable source of nutrition. Unfortunately, many people are now depending too much on ‘magical’ diet pills and […]

  • Bent Over Barbell Row – How It’s Done

    Bent Over Barbell Row Middle back muscles require ample attention if you plan on enhancing your overall fitness levels. Although there are multiple exercises that focus on the middle back muscles, only a few of them can be easily performed while ensuring that you remain injury free. Bent over barbell row is one of those […]