Leverage High Row – How It’s Done

The Leverage High row remains as one of the most popular and effective exercise to increase your upper back strength while maintaining your overall health index. Although Leverage High Row requires the appropriate equipment but the exercise itself is fairly easy to perform.


Focus- Strength in Upper back region and lats

Mechanics – Compound type mechanics is applied

Force applied- Pull type force

Main muscle worked- Upper Back and beneficial impact to lats muscles

Equipment- Machine

Steps to follow 

  • Start with loading appropriate weight to the machine pins. Remember to not overexert yourself the first time you attempt a leverage high row as the key is to build your stamina and strength as you get more experienced in this form of exercise.
  • Adjust the seat height so you can reach the machine handles above you.
  • Adjust the knee pads to ensure that you can maintain your body balance by virtue of a downward balancing force.
  • Grab the machine handles with a palm facing grip. This is the start position.
  • Pull the handles down while applying uniform force until the point it reaches your torso region. Flex your elbows to achieve this motion.
  • Pause in this position for about 5 seconds and then slowly release the handles to their original position.
  • Repeat in sets of 10.


While doing the upward motion to release the weights while the handles go up avoid returning the weights all the way down so that you can maintain muscular tension and derive the maximum benefit out of this exercise.

Make sure you are in the right mindset because you can get a lot from this exercise. It triggers a high percentage of the chest, doing it right can give a lot to someone who is training, such as muscle mass and power.

Good luck and be safe!

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