Dieting – Is It The Key To A Healthier Lifestyle?

A term that is commonly used, especially in the last decade, is diet. The role that your diet plays in your level of health is unsurmountable; it directly effects the health of the body because it is the only dependable source of nutrition.

Unfortunately, many people are now depending too much on ‘magical’ diet pills and supplements for losing weight and improving health.

The fact of the matter is that the food that one consumes on a daily basis is what should be depended upon the most; a diet consisting of a wide range of natural foods that provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals, energy and amino acids. These nutrients can not only help one lose weight, but also feel more energetic and happier.

Nutritionist are pointing out that the most common issues when It comes to healthy eating is consuming processed foods, overeating and under-eating. The sad fact is that all of these issues increase the chances of disease.

The best diet for optimal health should follow these guidelines:

  • The amount of calories that you consume should depend on your level of daily activity. This is because the more active you are, the more calories your body needs to burn to produce energy.
  • Foods that provide high levels of energy either through fats or carbohydrates include of legumes, cereals, cheese, oils, butter and sugar; these foods are great for refueling the body. On the other hand, foods that provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals to protect the body’s health include of eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables (particularly green vegetables).
  • A diet that is optimal for health should include: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, natural oils, cereals, legumes, milk, cheese and a lot of clean water.


Although many people fully understand what an ideal diet consists of, many still decide not to implement it into their daily lifestyle. Sometimes, a certain food may be restricted because of religion or culture, so in these cases there is an abundance of food choices as alternatives.

Many different diets exists today

There are many different types of diet trends that exist today. A few examples of these include veganism, which consists of only consuming plant-based products, and vegetarianism, which consists of consume eggs and dairy as the only animal-based foods in addition to plant foods. For people who are following these diets, it’s important to do enough research and to consult a professional to ensure proper nutrition.

Unfortunately, there are many crash diets that exist today. In most cases, they involve restricting caloric intake, which could quickly lead to malnutrition.

Eating healthy on a budget

If you are on a budget, then there are many cost-friendly ways to maintain optimal health that you should consider. Low cost foods that are nutrient-packed include of legumes, rice and vegetables; although your budget may not allow for a high consumption of meats, when combined these foods can not only offer a lot of vital energy and nutrition, but also a complete profile of proteins and amino acids.

The type of diet should be suitable for the individual and his or her lifestyle

As different foods offer different nutrients, it’s important to consume the right foods depending on one’s daily activities. For example, bodybuilders and athletes should consume more protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and milk to aid in muscle recovery, while less active individuals should consume less protein-rich foods.

Also, if someone has certain allergies to various foods they should obviously limit them. Some people have what is known as celiac disease, in which they must refrain from consuming foods that consist of wheat as they contain gluten.


All in all, no matter who we are or what kind of lifestyle we live, we should always avoid consuming processed foods, and should instead focus on consuming natural, wholesome foods. Not only can it help improve our energy and quality of life, but it can also prevent disease and illness from developing.

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