The Axle Deadlift – You Have Been Doing it Wrong

Axle deadlift is one of the most popular form of lower back exercise. It is known to generate a lot of strength and stability in the lower back in a short period of time. Most athletes and amateurs have been using the axle deadlift to develop the required lower body strength. Because it helps to attempt more complex and demanding exercises for the upper body region. The benefits of this exercise is that it builds muscle other muscle group as well.  Groups such as glutes, middle back, traps and forearms along with a primary focus on lower back.


Focus- Strength in lower back and grip strength

Mechanics – Compound type of mechanic focus.

Force applied- Pull type force

Main muscle worked- Lower Back

Equipment- Bar with weights attached on each end


Steps to be followed

  • for lifting the bar up, focus on positioning yourself around the centre position of the bar.
  • Distance between your hip should match the respective hip zone. Then bend to grip the bar while maintaining your arms in correspondence with your shoulder width.
  • When you have held the bar take a deep breath and position yourself sothat your shins are touching the bar.
  • Look forward and slowly lift up the bar weight with your chest in the upward position. Then use your heels and shoulders to generate the lift force.
  • Once you have pulled the bars beyond your knees, arch backwards to lift it to the highest point you can without bending your shoulders.
  • Slowly lower the bar back to the ground by bending your knees and using your hip strength.



Many athletes get injured simply because of the fact that they overstrain themselves. The axle deadlift needs to be done with weight that you can easily handle. Remember that breathing is also very important when it comes to the axle deadlift, you must not put pressure on your body. Breathing can help release the unnecessary pressure.

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